"You're very... plain", she said and walked away like she hadn't just wrecked the life of a 11-year-old girl. That was the day I realized that I, in fact, was extremely plain. There was no denying it. I didn't have a special trait or had a beautiful laugh or did anything particularly interesting in my... Continue Reading →


The Source Of Happiness

Yes, this me just talking. No fictional characters that are loved throughout a year. Just me. I wonder sometimes if being loved by others can make me happy for a longer period of time. The answer is yes. It does. It makes me feel like I have a purpose and it makes me feel wanted,... Continue Reading →

My Sweet Love

Oh, my sweet love. I miss the spring when we sat under the cherry tree and sipped on Champagne. The way you talked to me. I can't describe the feeling I got when you took my hand and started running towards the horizon. The summer we walked along the creek. Waded through the mud and... Continue Reading →


Sometimes clouds and mists might prevent light from coming through. It might seem to be night when everything is pitch-black. But don't let this make you forget the sun still shines and the stars still glow. Not seeing the light doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Photograph: Iceland, 2016


I like crying. I find it so fascinating. The tip-tip-tapping of little drops of water as they hit the page of a diary while you write about your day at school. Or the trickling of little tears down your face as you listen to a song and get way to emotional. I love that. When... Continue Reading →


At this place I feel free and save. You've so many options to go and there will always be somebody here who will save you.

The Cage

“I don't want to hurt you”, he said, “and I just don't know what to do. If I should forget you completely.” She just smiled and nodded and said it was okay. That they could stay friends. While he seemed to get over her and move on to all the other girls he talked to,... Continue Reading →

Sitting In My Lonely Bedroom

I sit a lot. In my bedroom, I mean. It's quite depressing actually. The way the bleak walls just stare back at me. I don't really know why I spend so much time there. Alone. I think the reason is the fact that I don't really like to talk to other people unless it's about them.... Continue Reading →

My Jessica

I had a friend called Jessica, once. She was amazing. She was amazing because she could reach for the sky and if she believed really hard she was able to taste the stars. She was amazing because her laugh was so great. She was amazing because she was the most positive person in my life.... Continue Reading →

The Way Out

My first blog post... I'm getting nervous. Btw. every picture or video which I post is selfmade. What are you thinking when you look at this picture and what are you feeling? What's the situation in this picture ...what are you doing there? Would you be there or not? So many questions and feelings in... Continue Reading →

Life Is Hard But…

"Sometimes that's all you can do. Hope." Natasha Friend, My Life In Black And White Hi there! For those faithful readers who read the post on Monday called 'Sorry'... I know it only got one view and thanks to their like I know who it was (at this point, thanks so much for reading every... Continue Reading →

People Change People

Hi there! A lot of people feel powerless. Hopeless. As if they were at the mercy of the world. Two girls I know are struggling with some 'emotional problems' but both of them don't seem to want to change their state. They always feel sorry for themselves and have become unable to see their power.... Continue Reading →

We Are All The Same

Heya On July 20th Chester Bennington committed suicide. He left behind his wife, his children, his band mates and thousands of fans. Darkness took him away from us. The time I heard about his death I was in England. We were in a nice hotel in some small village near Sidmouth. My mother read the... Continue Reading →

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